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      * ED WYATT                       Original Paintings, Serigraphs and GiClee Prints

      * BILL MUESER                         Original Oil Paintings of Madrid & Cerrillos

      * DARLENE RAE                Original Hand Painted Feather Art and GiClee Prints

      * CATHASHA CABRIELLE         Original Landscape and Abstract Paintings 


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Bill Mueser Is a new addition to Gifted Hands Gallery. 


As soon as he arrived in Santa Fe from Colorado, he was accepted as a worthy artist and contributor to the art collections on Canyon Road.

He was "caught" one day painting outside Gifted Hands and when asked if he would do a series of localized painting of Madrid and our neighboring community, Cerrillos, he hesitated and then said OK!


We are very pleased and honored to count him and his works among our family of distinguished artists.

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Cosmic Sunset
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Cathasha Cabrielle  a former Residential and Commercial Stained Glass Artist and Graphic Designer, has enjoyed the privilege of owning and operation Gifted Hands Gallery for over a decade and a half, featuring everyone else's art but her own.

Due to the "time-off" many of us were able to enjoy  during the COVID-19 lock-down, she was able to find time to rediscover her talents and the joy art brings to her life in new and creative ways.


Her art is a blend of traditional, abstract and experimental art forms, combined into her own interesting and unique style, with its main emphasis on form, color and lots of texture!

One can find all kinds of hidden treasures in her

playful and imaginative art pieces.

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