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Terms and Services

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We try our best to give each of our customers the best service and loving care we can ~

         just as if you were family!

Privacy & Safety

Customer Care

Gifted Hands, as you may know, is a small Madrid business with only two of us on staff. We do the best we can to get your orders out in a timely fashion every week by mid-week. Special orders or special handling items may require an extra bit of time to process and ship, so we ask that when making online orders, that you be patient if necessary.

Please call at any time during business hours to check the status of any order.  Either chat with us online, give the store a call @ 505-471-5943 and Cathasha or Jenny will be glad to assist, or email us at


We thank you for being a great customer ~ enjoy you beautiful purchase ~ and know that every sales goes to support local artists in our area!


Your privacy is of the highest importance to us, so please feel safe using this store!

Your Privacy & Safety is always assured and will never be sold to a third party advertising or marketing firm. 


All payments made directly to Gifted Hands Gallery via a bank credit card or debit card are deposited directly into our local financial institution who has very strict protection policies in place. Your credit card information will never be seen or handled by any Gifted Hands Associate.


As soon as payments clear with our banking institution we will be notified. You in turn will be notified by email that the transaction has safely cleared and your order has moved to the processing stage.

Shipping Policies

You may specify whatever means of delivery you wish. However, because Fed-Ex and UPS have become so expensive - it has been my choice to use the "good'ole" US Postal Service. My experience is that when packaged properly, shipping through them is as safe as ant other mean, and at a fraction of the cost.


Unless otherwise requested, all parcels will be shipped via USPS.

Postal Boxes

We ship all items USPS

Priority Mail, by mid-week of every week.

Please contact us for any special shipping requirements.



Payment Methods

~ Credit / Debit Cards



- Offline Payments

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